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We unfortunately can not offer medical advice to individual members of the general public, so please do not ask us of these matters.

If you have any other audiology related questions, or tips to give, or wish to discuss your work or research with others, and you are a professional or student in audiology you can use the Audiology Discussions forum on this website. There are many leading audiology professionals from around the world registered to use the forum, as well as the administrators and moderators of this website, who may be able to answer your questions. In addition there is also a section on the forum where you can submit comments and suggestions with regards to this website.

If you are thinking of studying audiology and wish to know more about audiology training please contact your local audiology professional organisation / association with your questions regarding this and they will be ale to help you. We also have a world-wide list of audiology universities (audiology programs) that you can look at which may be of help - just follow the link to their website and you can ask them directly any questions you have about how to apply to them and their specific entrance requirements.


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