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We are looking at incorporating direct advertisements and sponsorships by appropriate audiology related organizations, or companies, on specified web pages or forum pages of relevance, on this website. All sponsorships and advertisements will be at the discretion of the web-editorial team on this website and any monies raised will help pay towards the many costs involved in running this website. Please help to spread the word. Thank you for your help in this.


Advertising on the Audiology Resources website

In some cases basic listings are given free of charge for appropriate good quality audiology related websites. If however you wish to have a bigger presence on our website such as; a detailed listing, an advertisement image, a text based advertisement in a box, or provide attachments (pdf or word documents) with further details, you may be able to advertise with us.

In addition this website currently contains some random Google advertising which is located in a few selected areas of the website but we are currently looking at introducing direct advertising for audiology related businesses and organisations to eventually minimise and / or replace the Google ads entirely in order to provide more relevant advertising to those who use this website and to provide funds to cover the running costs of this site.

It should be noted that Audiology Resources is an independent / private website which is not funded in any way by any local councils, government, institutions or any other public bodies and that it is currently run by just a few at much of their own time and expense.

The terms and conditions of use of our website specify that the users of this website have to view the advertising present when using the site and that it would be inappropriate to use any third party software on their browsers to suppress or remove the advertising.

The appearance of an advertisement on the this website does not constitute an endorsement by Tooting Online of that company, product or service.


What Can be Advertised?

Audiology related products and services which would be of interest to professionals and students in audiology and audiology related fields may be advertised on this website. For example:

  • audiology companies, audiology equipment, audiology equipment manufacturers
  • audiology software
  • audiology jobs
  • audiology events, audiology conferences, advanced courses
  • audiology degrees (AuD, BSc, Masters)
  • audiology schools, universities, colleges
  • companies, research groups,
  • audiology books and journals

If you are interested in advertising please contact us with details of who you are, the name of your company or organisation and what it does along with what you want to advertise and the name of the specific web page on this website that you would like to see it on (if you know which page you want to see it on). Adverts will normally be considered appropriate for pages listing or discussing similar organisations or items to that which you wish to advertise.


Sponsoring Us

Sponsorship by an audiology related company or organisation for a named web page or forum page or forum section on this website may be possible, at the discretion of the web-editorial team, if it is deemed relevant to the webpage concerned. If you wish to do this please let us know what specific web page or what specific forum would be of interest together with details of what your organisation does. Or alternately you can ask for a suggestion by us of what page it would be most appropriate or relevant for your organisation to support.








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