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We welcome your help in promoting the Audiology Resources website. To facilitate this we have produced various resources that you may use these are given below.


A Poster for Distribution

PDF Brochure for the Audiology Resources websitePlease print up and place the small poster given here on a notice board at your place of work or educational establishment. The poster is a pdf document (Adobe Acrobat Reader, or other pdf viewer, is required to view or print this file).

To open, just click the icon. Alternatively, to save the document directly to your computer without opening it, Internet Explorer users can select the icon and right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) and select the 'save target as' option.


Linking to Us

You are welcome to link to this website, especially if a professional audiology organisation or research group. We would appreciate it if you would link to our home page: and not to individual pages within the site, as we may change the names and locations of individual pages within the site from time-to-time and linking to the home page will give the users full access to the current site.

Given below are some buttons / icons from which you can chose, download and use if you wish, when linking to us. You may pick and save a button to your hard disc (PC users, point at image and right click mouse button to save).

Pictures to Download logo
still gif,
3K, 85 x 85 pixels logo
animated gif,
3 cycles,
4K, 85 x 85 pixels logo
animated gif,
continuous loop
4K, 85 x 85 pixels logo
still gif,
5K, 166 x 81 pixels logo
still gif,
white background
2K, 188 x 38 pixels


An Information Bar to Download

Audiology Resources website: News, Events, Forum, Links and more ...
animated gif
6K, 335 x 43 pixels


If your website fits any of the categories given in our website's resources section (e.g. research group, professional organisation, educational content related to audiology etc) you may submit your site for inclusion in this website by contacting us. We will then review your website and consider it for inclusion. Please note we do not include all sites submitted.


E-mailing Your Friends

If you know any colleagues, professional organisations, research institutions, or educational establishments who may find this site interesting please feel free to let them know of this website: Audiology Resources at You may if you wish also download the poster given above and attach it to your email for further information.


Sponsoring Us

Sponsorship by audiology related companies or organisations for a named web page on this website may be possible, at the discretion of the web-editorial team, if it is deemed relevant to the webpage concerned. Your organisation will then be credited for the sponsership of the page. Any monies raised will help pay towards the many costs involved in running this website. Thank you for your help in this.

If you wish to have a bigger presence on our website, such as a detailed listing, an ad-bar / image, or you wish to provide attachments (pdf or word documents) with further details, you may be able to advertise with us for this purpose. This can be done as well as or instead of sponsorship.


Your Other Ideas to Help Promote this Website

If you have any other ideas to either promote or support this website please contact us to let us know of this, we will be grateful for this. Thank you for your help in advance.




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