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A global website for professionals working in audiology and related areas.


Summary of Site Sections

Site Introduction

Audiology News (including the latest news from around the world)

Website Resources in Audiology - a web directory of quality audiology websites

Audiology Around the World - audiology information for various world locations

Audiology Events - including conferences, meetings and short courses

Audiology Degree Courses - detailed listings of institutions offering audiology degrees by country

Audiology Publications - listings of audiology journals and books and online journal search tools

Audiology Discussions Forum - contains interactive specialist audiology forums (bulletin-boards)

Audiology Jobs - audiology related jobs

Noticeboard - an informal online bulletin-board of exhibitions, meetings, items wanted, bargains etc by and for audiologists

Fun Stuff - audiology games and puzzles, fun and educational

Website Administration and Contact


Further Details of Site Content

Site Introduction

Resources in Audiology - Online

This section contains information and links about audiology web resources (audiology website)

Audiology Events, Conferences, Meetings & Short courses

World-wide listings of audiology events, meetings, and professional development courses.

Audiology Courses

Information on undergraduate and graduate audiology programs (BSc, MSc, AuD) and the institutions / university departments running them.


Audiology Publications

Information about audiology related publications (books and journals) and journal search tools can be found on this website.


Audiology Discussions Forum

This is a international discussion area (bulletin board) in which audiology related professionals working (studying or retired) can interact with others in the profession. Some areas of the forum do not require registration to view them and these are listed as 'open forums' in the list below.

Audiology News

This section includes audiology (deafness, hearing, balance) related news which is updated regularly with world news stories as well as our own.

Fun-stuff: Audiology Games & Puzzles

  • Fun Stuff
    • Audiology Jigsaws
    • Hang Teddy Audiology Word Game
    • Audiology Memory Game
    • Some additional fun stuff for our forum members

Audiology Around the World

Website Administration and Information 



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