Audiology in the Middle East

This page summarises the information within the Audiology Resources website which may be particularly useful to the professional working in audiology or a related area in the Middle East, or alternately for those who are hoping to study Audiology in the Middle East.

Professional organisations / associations for Audiology in the Middle East can be found here (if you know of the websites of any others please let us know).

For those who wish to undertake a professional qualification, audiology degree courses in the middle east are listed here.

Audiology research groups and institutions in the Middle East are listed here (please let us know of any other websites you are aware of).

As a professional in audiology another area within the Audiology Resources website which may be of interest to you is the Audiology Discussions forum. This is an international audiology forum allowing professionals in audiology from all around the world to communicate with each other about the latest developments in audiology and professional issues related to audiology. Leading audiology professionals from around the world are using this forum. We already a number forum members from the Middle East (including from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Palestine-West Bank) and you would be very welcome to join in with the discussions.

In addition any significant audiology events (conferences etc) for professionals around the world can be found in the Audiology Events section of this website.





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