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This section of the Audiology Resources website contains details of audiology degrees, from around the world. It is intended as a resource for prospective university students who are looking to study an audiology degree at college, in order to qualify to practice audiology as a career. If you are already qualified and looking for short training courses, for professional development and continuing education purposes, please see the audiology events section. Audiology is a multidisciplinary medical / health science degree subject which involves the study of hearing, deafness and balance (vestibular systems), as well as areas of physical science such as acoustics, sound / noise. Please select the country of your choice to view further details of the universites given for each.

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university audiology graduatesAudiology Degree Courses

The minimum requirements to practice as an audiologist in most countries includes the completion of a specialised degree course. For further details and websites of individual university departments and educational institutions offering audiology degree courses please select a world region or specific country of interest from below:

Europe - Masters and bachelors in audiology of varying lengths are available throughout Europe. In the UK the minimum requirements is the bachelors (BSc) course. In addition masters are also available for science graduates and physicians who wish to specialise. We also have an audiology course listed for Sweden in Europe.

Australia & New Zealand - The audiology degree courses in Australia and New Zealand are primarily masters level and typically 2 years in length.

USA & Canada - In the USA the completion of a Doctor of Audiology program (AuD), which takes 4 years to complete, is requirement for practice, whereas in Canada audiology masters programs are the standard but there is one BSc in Audiology (which is taught in French) as well.

Africa, Middle East & Asia - The types of courses vary by region. Examples include the 4 year Audiology BSc in South Africa, 5 years bachelors in Audiology and Speech Pathology in Jordan, a BS in Medical Audiology in Lebanon and 2 years Audiology Masters courses in Egypt, China (Hong Kong) and India.



Audiology Professional Courses (Short Courses)

If you are looking for short courses for professional development / continuing education, please see the Events Section of this website. This contains the details of various short courses and other events such as meetings & conferences.




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