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This section of the Audiology Resources website contains details of audiology degrees, from around the world. It is intended as a resource for prospective university students who are looking to study an audiology degree at college, in order to qualify to practice audiology as a career. If you are already qualified and looking for short training courses, for professional development and continuing education purposes, please see the audiology events section. Audiology is a multidisciplinary medical / health science degree subject which involves the study of hearing, deafness and balance (vestibular systems), as well as areas of physical science such as acoustics, sound / noise. Please select the country of your choice to view further details of the universites given for each.

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Audiology Programs in the USA

The completion of a Doctor of Audiology graduate program (AuD) is required for practice as an audiologist the USA. The Au.D. takes 4 years to complete, and the fourth year of the program includes externship experiences as well as additional clinical training opportunities.

In addition to the AuD degree most states also have their own licensure requirements in order to legally practice. It would be advisable to contact the Department of Health in the state where you intend to practice to learn about the licensure requirements. You will need to find out how and what you need to do to get a licence to practice, in a particular state of your choice, as well as any continuing education requirements that you will need to do in order to maintain your license to practice.


USA flagAudiology Schools in the USA - Listed State by State

The audiology doctoral programs offered in the USA, are listed below. For simplicity the audiology schools (institutions) offering AuD programs have been listed by State alphabetically.



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California Colorado Florida Illinois


Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan

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Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas
Utah Washington West Virginia Washington D.C. Wisconsin

Please note: due to the multidisciplinary nature of an audiology degree the university department / school which runs the audiology degree, and the university faculty, it belongs to can vary from one university to the next. In some universities the degree is run by a specialist audiology school, or department, whilst in others a school encompansing a broader range of allied subjects runs the degree. These schools / departments include: heathcare science, life sciences, medical sciences, bio-medicine / bio-medical sciences, medicine, speech therapy / linguistics, human communication disorders, psychological sciences / psychology and rehabilitation sciences.

For more information, and / or questions related to entrance requirements and fees, about any of the audiology degrees listed above, or about any grants scholarships or funding opportunities at the listed universities, please contact the institutions and colleges directly. The links provided on this page have been all tested at the time of listing. However, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, links do change and disappear. Please let us know if any of the above links no longer work, or if you think some others should be added.



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Other Useful Resources & Tips For Prospective Audiology University Students

Other useful educational tools within this website for students include: the latest audiology news stories and audiology games & puzzles in the fun stuff section. You may also find the audiology student forums on this website interesting reading.

More Tips: As well as enquiring about scholarships and grants from the colleges / universities you are interested in, don't forget to find out about other student discounts available, in the locality you hope to study in, these can include everything from student travel discounts, to useful every day items like pens, pencils, books and discounted software for students. Students can also often get discounts from national and local professional audiology associations. In addition the audiology professional associations often let university students studying an audiology degree attend their audiology meetings and conferences at a discounted rate so it would be wise to keep and eye out for these as well, as attending these would be all good for your expanded educational experience.




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