Audiology Equipment

Selected specialist companies and manufacturers that deal exclusively with audiology equipment are given in this section of the World Audiology Resources website. The Audiology Discussions forum on this website may also be of interest as it includes specialist areas on - equipment & technical - testing & diagnostics - as well as a noticeboard, where used equipment is listed. If you are an audiology company wishing to be added to our online directory of equipment manufacturers and suppliers please read this.


Audiology Equipment Companies & Manufacturers

Please select from the following equipment categories. Many of the companies that have been listed within operate world-wide but country locations have also been given for listings where appropriate (such as for servicing and calibration companies).

Audiology Software
Audiology Software
audiograms, analysis, simulation, hearing instrument programming
Audiometric Equipment
Audiometric Equipment
hardware and software for audiometry: OAE, ABR ...
Cochlear Implants
Diagnostic Hardware
Diagnostic Hardware
and Supplies

e.g. audiometers, tympanometers, impedance meters
Electrophysiology Equipment
Hearing Aids
Sound and Vibration Measurement
Sound & Vibration Measurement
sound level meters, vibration analyzers etc
Sound Rooms
Sound Rooms
audiometric sound isolation booths and rooms
Vestibular Equipment
Vestibular Equipment
equipment for balance assessment

Companies Offering Calibration & Servicing

Companies offering calibration and servicing of audiometic equipment. For example servicing and calibration of audiometers, tympanometers, head phones, sound level meters and many other audiology equipment.

Used Audiology Equipment

If you are looking for used equipment. One place to look is in the Notice Board area of the Audiology Discussions forum, an international forum for professionals working in audiology. Second hand, refurbished and unwanted audiology equipment is often posted here by our forum members for sale at low cost or even for free. Please note: registration on the forum is not required to view this area, but membership with at least member rank (6 posts), is required to post in this bit of the forum.

Online Discussions on Audiology Equipment & Technical Issues

If you wish to discuss technical issues, with other professionals, about any audiology equipment you have, or if you have advice for other audiology professionals you can do this on the you can do this on the Audiology Discussions forum. The following specialist forums as well as many others can be found within this: Equipment & Technical Forum, Tests & Diagnosis Forum, The Amplification Forum, Cochlear Implants Forum, The Hearing Aids Forum, Vestibular Forum, Noise Forum

Professionals working in audiology in any academic, technical or clinical aspect anywhere in the world are welcome to join in the discussions here. It is free to join for those who wish to be an active member of the forum and take part in the discussions.


Add My Audiology Equipment Company

If you wish to have your audiology company added to the audiology equipment manufacturers and suppliers directory here please contact us with your details. We will then look at the information you give and consider you for listing, and if we feel it is appropriate we will add your details. Basic listing are all free of charge if accepted, but please note we only add quality products and websites and not all are accepted for inclusion here. We also have some opportunities available for advertising on relevant equipment category pages (only a few advertisers are permitted per category) that you have been added to.

new Audiology equipment manufacturers of popular good quality audiology equipment, who have sufficient numbers of customers, are also welcome to make a request for a specialized sponsored technical forum on the Audiology Discussions forum dedicated to their specific products and we will consider this.

Guidelines for audiology companies wishing to be added




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