Add my Audiology Company

Further infomation for those who are looking to add their audiology equipment company to the Audiology Resources website (


1. Add to the Equipment Manufactures & Suppliers Directory

You can ask to be listed in a category of your choice and in addition you can also ask for a display, or text, advert of your company product or service to be placed in a relevant location (ie in the same category page as your listing).

Request a Listing
To submit your audiology company for consideration to be added please provide the information which follows:

  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • A brief description of what products you make / sell and what services you offer.
  • The geographic location (if not world-wide) where you: operate, sell to, or provide services to
  • The Category you wish to be listed in

We will then consider you for listing, and if we think it is appropriate we will add your details. Basic listing are all free of charge if accepted, but please note we only add quality products and websites and not all are accepted for inclusion here.

Advertising Your Company, Product (s), or Services
If you wish to advertise with a display or text ad on a relevant category page in our directory of audiology equipent companies and manufacturers please contact us naming what and where you would like to advertise. Please note only a limited number (very few) advertisers will be permitted per category page.


2. Request the Creaton of a Technical Forum Just for My Company's Stuff

Audiology equipment manufactures of popular good quality audiology equipment, who have sufficient numbers of customers, are welcome to make a request for a specialized sponsored technical forum on the Audiology Discussions forum which is dedicated entirely to their specific products.

If this special forum is provided for you it will be branded exclusively for you with your logo and only your company will be permitted to sponsor or advertise in this forum exclusively. You will be also expected to have technical experts who will be interested in visiting the forum to reply to querries from professionals regarding your products.


3. Add to Other Areas on This Website

Advertise on or Sponser a Relevant Specific Forum
You can request to advertise on, or sponser a relevant forum within our International Audiology Discussions forum, that is related to your product or services. Only limited places for these are available. For example if you are selling Vestibular Equipment you may want to sponser the Vestibular Forum and or have an advert for your products and or services within it. To do this please tell us which specific forum you would like to advertise or sponser, and if advertising what it is you want to advertise as well.

Get Listed or Advertise in the Events Section
If your company is running a conference, meeting or short course for audiology professionals you may want to get a listing and or or advertise for this within our events diary.





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