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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

The following are manufacturers of hearing aids.

  • Audio Controle 
    Audio Controle produce the wide range of ACI analogue and digital hearing aids, including the Harmony, Solo, Duo, Vivo, Eligo and Maestro.
  • Beltone
    Beltone, a part of GN Resound, produces a range of hearing aids, including the Corus, Mira and Edge.

  • Bernafon 
    Bernafon produces a wide range of hearing aids, including the Symbio XT, Smile Plus, Neo, Flair, Win, Audioflex, Opus2 and Lexis.

  • Coselgi 
    Coselgi, of Italy, produce a range of hearing aids, including various in-the-ear, behind-the-ear and eye glass models. (Content in Italian and English)

  • Dicton
    Dicton produce various hearing instruments, including CROS, BI-CROS and various intra canal modules (K-amp, Class-A, Class-D).

  • Electone
    Electone produce a wide range of hearing instruments, such as various product lines with a variety of digital, programmable and conventional circuits. This is a division of division of Siemens Hearing Instruments.

  • Elkon
    In addition to supplying products from other manufacturers, Elkon of India produce their own range of hearing aids and audiometers for the Indian market. (India)

  • General Hearing Instruments 
    General Hearing manufactures a wide range of hearing aids, including open-ear, ready-to-wear, soft technology and high fidelity digital.

  • GN Resound 
    GN Resound produce a range of hearing instruments, including the Canta, ResoundAiR, NewTone Plus and Aventa fitting software.

  • Hansaton 
    Hansaton hearing systems of Germany produce digital instruments such as the Leonardo, Premio, Vital, Activo and Junior ranges of hearing aids.

  • Interton 
    Interton is a German manufacturer that produces a wide range of hearing instruments, including the Bionic that has artificial intelligence and the WirelessCROS that allows wireless signal transmission from one ear to the other.

  • Persona Medical
    Persona Medical produces a range of hearing aids, including the Claret, Monet, EVõK and Olé.

  • Oticon 
    Oticon produce a wide range of hearing instruments, including the Syncro, Adapto, Tego, Atlas, Go, Sumo and Swift.

  • Phonak 
    Phonak produce a wide range of digital and analogue hearing devices and products. This includes the Savia digital range.

  • Puretone
    Puretone manufacture a range of hearing instruments, including the small Ultra CIC 2010, custom digital and the ESP II digitally programmable devices.

  • Rexton
    Rexon produce a wide variety of BTE and custom ITE digital and analogue hearing devices.

  • Rion 
    In addition to their other audiological equipment, Rion of Japan produce a wide range of hearing instruments.

  • Siemens
    Siemens produce a range of hearing instruments and products, including the Acuris, Triano and Prisma 2 devices.

  • SONIC innovations
    SONIC innovations produces digital hearing aids and hearing aid components, such as the Natura 2 SE and the Altair.

  • Sonovation
    Sonovation produce digital hearing instruments, such as the Nano Xp, ImpaCt Xp and the Logicom Xp.

  • Starkey Laboratories
    Starkey Laboratories produces a wide range of digital and analogue hearing instruments. These include the DaVinci PxP and other digital instruments that contain Precision Audio Imaging and Precision Directional Imaging technologies.

  • Unitron Hearing
    Unitron Hearing offers a feature-rich comprehensive digital product line, as well as programmable and analogue hearing instruments.

  • Widex
    Widex produces a range of digital hear instruments, including the élan, Senso, Bravo and A-series ranges.

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