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The paediatric (pediatric) audiology forum is one of a number of specialist audiology forums that make up Audiology Discussions, an international forum for audiology. The paediatric forum includes questions, answers and discussion about anything related to paediatric audiology for example newborn hearing screening for babies and other issues dealing with hearing disorders in children. The paediatric forum also currently contains abstracts / details of recently published material related to this area.

The paediatric audiology forum is particularly useful to professionals who are working with children and babies. Those who may find this forum useful are, audiologists, audiological physicians, audiology students etc. Leading professionals from around the world are using this forum.

In order to take part in this forum you will need to register (this is free of charge and very simple to do). All professionals working audiology and related fields are welcome to take part in the discussions. If you are new to forums you may wish to view the forum introduction page to learn more. If you are ready to register and continue to the forum please click here.


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Monday 10th December, 2018

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Areas of Discussion in this forum include:

  • paediatric audiology (pediatric audiology)
  • newborn hearing screening (NHS)
  • early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI)
  • issues related with hearing disorders in children, testing children




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