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Why do I Need to Register and Become a Member?

This is because the Audiology Discussions forum is a closed online area where audiology topics can be discussed. It is a closed system, as it requires the user to register. This ensures that only authorised users can fully take part in discussions.


The Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Audiology Discussions Forum

  1. Access to Useful Materials
    You will have access to the latest resources, comments, and discussions relating to many areas of practice and up-and-coming research in all Audiology related areas including: Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology, Central Processing / Speech, Cochlear Implants, Counselling & Ethics, Genetics, Hearing Aids, Noise, Paediatrics, Research Methodology, Testing & Diagnostics, Tinnitus and Vestibular. In addition there are areas for technical discussion including: equipment and computer related issues, as well as a useful noticeboard area for members.

  2. Access to Specialist Member Only Areas of the forum
    You will have access to the content within the specialist audiology forum areas that only members can view once logged in..

  3. Ability to Carry out Searches within the Forum
    You will be able to use the forums database search facilities to search the forum discussions for items / topics of interest.

  4. Instant Addition of Your Messages (comments, requests etc) to the Website
    You can add (post a message) for all members to view instantaneously. The message can be to discuss your work or others (e.g. as seen in the news), to give your opinions, comments, answers, questions or for requests for items or help with research from other members of the Audiology Discussions community.

  5. Notification of Replies to Your Messages
    If anyone replies to a message you have put into the forum an email can be sent to you notifying you of this, without divulging your email address to the person replying to you on the forum or any other third parties (not unless you chose to tell them yourself).

  6. Access at All Times of the Day and Night from Anywhere in the World
    You can add messages to the forum area of the website instantaneously at anytime of the day from anywhere in the world where you have a access to an Internet connected computer.

  7. Discussion with Like Minded Professionals
    You get access to other like minded professionals from around the world (including leading experts), who are members, to discuss the latest issues and ideas.

  8. You can be Anonymous if you Wish
    If you wish you can be anonymous, only being identified by your username on the forum.

  9. You will have Access to the Private Messaging (PM) System
    You can use the private messaging system (this is a bit like email) to receive and sent mail to other members of the forum without the need to know the members email, or for them to know yours.

  10. You have Full Control of your Settings (Personal Profile) on the Forum
    For example you can chose a picture (an avatar) to represent yourself on the forum and put in various information for other members to view about you such as: what your interests are. You can also change various settings such as your password, or your avatar at any time and even set your local time (this means that when you log in all the times you will see in the forum will be at your local time / date where ever you are in the world).

  11. You can Promote your Research and / or your Organisation
    You can do this by discussing the work that you are doing, and by choosing to display your email and or website for all to see on the Internet.

  12. Use of the Members Noticeboard in the Forum
    This can be used for the sale and requests of used equipment and any other notices that members may have.


If you are new to forums please see the Introduction to the Forum, which explains how to register and use the forum.


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