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What is the Audiology Discussions forum?

The Audiology Discussions forum is a collection of online interactive message boards (in specialist areas related to audiology) where users can ask and answer questions, as well as make comments and observations, related to their audiology related research or professional practice, to other like minded individuals from across the world.

This audiology forum is intended for audiology related professionals (including retired professionals & students) e.g. audiologists, audiological physicians / clinicians, academic researchers and audiology students.

Subjects for discussion in the forum can be anything audiology related, for example: hearing, cochlear implants, hearing aids, vestibular / balance, neuro-otology, central auditory processing / speech, congenital deafness, hearing loss, tinnitus, noise induced hearing loss, audiometry, tympanometry, auditory brainstem response (ABR), brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEP), otoacoustic emissions (OAE), newborn hearing screening, or any thing audiology related you may have seen in the news, or something new you may heard of.

The Audiology Discussions forum currently consists of a number of specialist audiology forums as follows. (Please click further information to get further infomation about any forum of particular interest.)
  • Amplification: hearing aids, cochlear implants etc further information about the Amplification Forum
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology further information about the Ear Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology Forum
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology further information about the Ear Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology Forum
  • Auditory Neuropathy further information about the Central Processing, Speech  Forum
  • Counselling & Ethics further information about the Audiology Counselling and Ethics Forum
  • Genetics (hearing, speech & vestibular) further information about the Communication Disorders Genetics Forum
  • Noise further information about the Noise Forum
  • Paediatrics further information about the Paediatric Audiology Forum
  • Research Methodology further information about the Audiology Research Methodology Forum
  • Testing, Diagnostics & Rehabilitation further information about the Audiology Testing, Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Forum
  • Tinnitus further information about the Tinnitus Forum
  • Vestibular further information about the Vestibular Forum
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To use the specialist audiology forums provided you will need to register to use the forum. This is very simple to do and further instructions of how to register and use the forum are provided (if you are new to forums it is recommended that you view this first).

In additions some general audiology related forums are also provided including: an area for general audiology discussions ( further information about the General Audiology Chatter Forum ) in relation to professional issues etc, and an audiology student forum ( further information about the Audiology Student Forums ).

There are also technical audiology forums ( further information about the Audiology Technical Forums ) for the discussion of equipment, standards and computer related issues, as well as an Audiologists' Bulletin Board ( further information about the Audiology Notice Board area ), which acts as a notice board and marketplace, and includes such things as audiology related jobs and members notices of meetings, exhibitions etc.

You can of course make more suggestions for topics that are not yet listed, as within the forum there are forum and site suggestions areas present where you can give your opinions or suggestions regarding the forum or the website.

For more information of how joining the forum can be useful to you, view the benefits of joining the Audiology Discussions forum.

The exhisting members of the forum originate from many locations around the world, and amonst the members there are a number of world-wide leading professionals in specialist areas. The Audiology Discussions forum is an international forum and all relevant professionals are welcome to join.

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