Fun Stuff

 I hope you have enjoyed viewing the web pages within the Audiology Resources website. This section of the website provides some light relief with some fun stuff to do, and look at.


Games & Puzzles

Would you like to play a game?  If so please select from below, an audiology themed game. Please remember the jigsaws will only work if your internet browser is java enabled (most browsers are).

jigsaw pieces graphic
some images from the memory card game
Audiology Memory Cards
Test your memory, skills, agility and general audiology knowledge to beat the clock in this game. How fast will you be to complete this game, and can you beat the computer? This game will work on most internet browsers. No special plugins are required.
Animated clip from the HangTeddy - Audiology Word Game.

HangTeddy - Audiology Word Game
In this hangman like word game, you are required to guess the audiology related words and phrases to save 'Teddy'. This game does not require any special plugins and it will work on most graphical browsers.

(Please note: no teddybears were harmed in the making of this game.)



Audiology Forum

Another fun thing we have available on this website is the Audiology Discussions forum. Here you can interact with other like minded professionals from around the world. If you have yet to become a member you may wish to read more about the forum and how it works, prior to proceeding to the forum. (Please note: the condition for joining and using the forum is that you are a professional working in, or at least a student studying, audiology or a related area.)

Audiology Discussions Forum
this way to
the forum



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