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This website is a world-wide online information resource for all who are interested in audiology. Although aimed at the specialist / professional and student in audiology or associated field, others who are interested are welcome to view the site.

middle and inner earThe website includes: details of audiology related research groups & specialist centres, information on professional organisations, listings of audiology events / meetings & courses, and a useful list of audiology journals (publications), a global directory of audiology equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as many other items. There is also a news section which contains a range of up-to-date audiology related news stories from around the world. Alternately if you would like to relax and play an audiology themed game, visit the section entitled 'fun stuff'. A forum area is also included, for the specialist / professional and student in audiology or an associated field, to facilitate the discussion of various topics. An audiology jobs area is also provided in the forum. We already have members from around the world for our Audiology Discussions forum, and further International Members are welcome to join. If you are new to forums or you wish to learn more about our forum please click here: forum introduction.

In addition for those who are just starting out and are looking for audiology training or thinking about audiology careers we have a comprehsive world wide list of Audiology Universities offering audiology degrees, listed by country.

If you visit this website frequently a time saving method is to make a shortcut to the website by adding it to the bookmarks / favourites section of your web browser. The hope is that the site will develop and evolve into a highly valuable resource with time, particularly with input from our readers and contributors. To assist with this task please inform any colleagues about this website and forum. We have added some resources (a poster you can print, and some small icons of our logo) to help with this. You are welcome to link to us at our home page: http://www.worldaudiology.com. Thank you to those of you who have already done this. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us with this information.

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