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This page shows highlights of some of the latest discussions, which are currently occurring in the Audiology Discussions forum, within the Audiology Resources website. The Audiology Discussions forum is an international forum, for professionals in audiology and related areas, which consists of a number of specialist audiology forums.

The highlights from the forum are drawn from the audiology general chatter, the professionals issues forums, and each of the specialist audiology forums as well as audiology technical forum areas. (Please note that other forum areas such as the audiology student forums and the audiologists bulletin board are not included in the highlights given here.) The highlights shown are from a mixture of open and closed forums. If the topic is from a closed forum registration will be require to view the content. This page is intended as an overview and it is updated once each day. For live instantaneous updates, including from other forums not listed here, please look inside the forum itself.

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Audiology Discussions Forum Highlights (
Monday 10th December, 2018

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