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Audiology related professional organisations that provide useful services, information and advice for audiology professionals are listed in this section of the Audiology Resources website. The activities of the audiology related organisations given often include: arranging audiology events, meetings and courses for continuing professional development, the publication of peer-reviewed audiology related scientific / medical journals detailing the latest research, and giving advice on the qualifications and training needed to practice audiology in the country or region (state / province) they are based in.

Please select a world region from those given to locate a local audiology organisation / audiology association / audiology society of your choice.

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audiology organisations section logoThe organisations range from those associations that have an international basis, and those that are national organisation representing the whole country in which they are based, to those which have a more regional emphasis such as for a particular region, state or province within a country.

There are also those that are for specific types of professionals within audiology such as: for hearing aid technicians, or physicians in audiology, and those which concentrate on specific subject areas such as: vestibular disorders, ERA etc.


Other areas of this website that you may find useful include the Audiology Discussions forum which is an interactive international online forum where professionals can discuss the latest audiology research, technologies and news, our list of our audiology related scientific and medical journals, and our world-wide list of audiology conferences and meetings.



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