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Audiology related professional organisations that provide useful services, information and advice for audiology professionals are listed in this section of the Audiology Resources website. The activities of the audiology related organisations given often include: arranging audiology events, meetings and courses for continuing professional development, the publication of peer-reviewed audiology related scientific / medical journals detailing the latest research, and giving advice on the qualifications and training needed to practice audiology in the country or region (state / province) they are based in.

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African & Middle East Audiology Organisation

  • Iranian Association of Audiology (IAA)
    The Iranian Association of Audiology (IAA) is the professional and scientific association for audiologists and hearing scientists in Iran and internationally. The society provides a forum for the exchange of research and clinical ideas relating to all aspects of Audiology both at a national and interantional level. (Iran)

  • Saudi Speech Pathology & Audiology Association (SSPAA)
    The Saudi Speech Pathology & Audiology Association is an organisation working to promote a better quality of communication for children and adults with communication disorders in Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Arabia)

  • South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA)
    This is an interest group which represents and is supported by South African Audiologists employed in all fraternities. The aim and purpose of SAAA is to develop and promote audiology to the public, medical and educational fraternities and other related healthcare professions. (South Africa)

  • South African Speech Language Hearing Association (SASLHA)
    The South African Speech-Language-Hearing Association is committed to ensuring accessible and appropriate services for all persons with communication disorders. It further aims to develop and co-ordinate the skills and resources of the communication professionals. (South Africa)


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