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Audiology related professional organisations that provide useful services, information and advice for audiology professionals are listed in this section of the Audiology Resources website. The activities of the audiology related organisations given often include: arranging audiology events, meetings and courses for continuing professional development, the publication of peer-reviewed audiology related scientific / medical journals detailing the latest research, and giving advice on the qualifications and training needed to practice audiology in the country or region (state / province) they are based in.

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Australian, New Zealand & Asian Audiology Organisations
  • Asia Pacific Society of Speech, Language and Hearing
    This society was formed to allow the exchange of research and clinical ideas relating to all aspects of normal and disordered speech, language, and hearing. Its objectives include to promote research and to facilitate the publication of relavent research in the Asia Pacific Rim countries. (Asia Pacific Rim Countries)

  • Audiological Society of Australia (ASA)
    This is the professional body for audiologists in Australia. It aims to pursue and promote the knowledge and practice of audiology. (Australia)

  • Australian College of Audiology (ACAuD)
    The Australian College of Audiology aims to promote and develop the science and practice of hearing care through the education and support of its members. (Australia)

  • Hong Kong Society of Audiology
    The Hong Kong Society of Audiology's objectives include: keeping their members informed of the latest envelopments in audiology, promoting research in audiology and related fields, and to serve as a channel of communication amongst members, local, and overseas professional bodies on matters related to audiology, education, hearing and speech sciences. (Hong Kong, China)

  • Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association (ISHA)
    Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association is the professional association for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists working in India. They aim to promote and maintain high standards of practice, provide a code of ethics, provide continuing education for their members and keep a register of suitably qualified personnel in India. (India)

  • Japan Audiological Society - language: Japanese, see link below for translation
    This society was established in 1956 and they publish the scientific journal called Audiology Japan. An english translation of the Japan Audiology Society website is available here using google translate. (Japan)

  • Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing (MASH)
    This is the professional body governing the speech-language pathology and audiology profession in Malaysia. (Malaysia)

  • New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS)
    The professional body for Audiologists in New Zealand, which aims to foster interest and excellence in Audiology for the benefit of individuals with hearing loss and their families. (New Zealand)

  • Speech Language Hearing Association of the Republic of China - language: Chinese-Mandarin
    This society was founded in 1986. (Note: individual pages from this site, such as the home page or the society objectives page, can often be translated from traditional-chinese to english using the alta-vista babel fish online software.)


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